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Happy Tails work tirelessly to save the lives of cats and dogs all across the UK, giving those in need second chances and happy forever homes

Some of our past rescues, all helped by donations from our kind hearted supporters 

Dog Rescue Sheffield and Chesterfield
Dog Rescue Sheffield and Chesterfield
Dog Rescue Sheffield and Chesterfield

Twiggy was abandoned and brought into us by the Council Dog Wardens, thin, nails overgrown and suffering from worms he took several weeks to nurse back to health before finding a forever home.

Tiny Tim was tied to a lamp post in Sheffield and left to starve. When we picked him up he had a severe eye infection and nearly lost his sight. We had vets bills of over £500 to save his eye

Narla had been kept in a 8ft by 8ft concrete yard, she was just a skeleton when came into us, she had never seen grass or run free. It took over 12 weeks before she returned to her normal weight.

Feed a Dog for a week

Just £10 will feed a for a week this helps take dogs needing new homes. 1000’s of dogs bought on a whim during in lockdown have now found themselves desperately needing new homes, We have hundreds of requests to take in dogs weekly, without your help we have to turn them away.

Feed a dog for ma week

Your gift to us saves lives

Your contribution to Happy Tails goes straight to work helping the unwanted dogs we take in and care for. We’re saving more dogs now than at ever, but our work isn’t done until every dog gets the chance to know care and companionship … in a safe and loving home.

You can make a donation directly into our bank account. Please use your name as the donation reference please.

Please email us and we will send you a receipt.

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