XL Bully Secure Field

All dogs need playtime, not just walks

We are fund raising for our new all-weather secure play paddock, designed for dogs who cannot be normally let off a lead in a public open space, XL Bully’s, Greyhounds, Dogs with poor recall etc, with the new rule for XL Bully’s it needed more than ever.

We have made a start but run out of funds, anything you can give will help us realize the dream of finishing this project.

Due to the urgent need for the paddock, we are aiming to complete this subject to funds for the end of April

The paddock with also be open to all dogs and we will be running dog agility and subsidized training classes.

Here at Happytails believe playtime helps keep your dogs healthy, playtime gives your dog a healthy appetite, keeps the mind sharp and focused, it’s a great way to relieve stress.

Playtime is a good time to get your dogs brain working– they love attention from humans and they love challenges. Dogs play games in which they have to figure things out using their brains. If someone throws them a ball, they have to decide to go get it… and then bring it back, maybe?

Playtime keeps your dog’s mind sharp and focused

We would also be grateful for any donations of play equipment and timber/fencing etc.

We are very grateful for your help and continued support.

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Super home found for Coco!
You would think Coco had he lived her all her life she seems so happy and contented, bedtime was another story . She buried herself in bed and would not come from under the bed covers .
Thank you so much for letting me adopt her
Cheers Marjorie  


Some of our success stories

Dog rescue sheffield and chesterfield
Dog rescue sheffield and chesterfield
Dog rescue sheffield and chesterfield

Tiny Tim was tied to a lamp post in Sheffield and left to starve. When we picked him up he had a severe eye infection and nearly lost his sight. We had vets bills of over £500 to save his eye

Narla had been kept in a 8ft by 8ft concrete yard, she was just a skeleton when came into us, she had never seen grass or run free. It took over 12 weeks before she returned to her normal weight.

Twiggy was abandoned and brought into us by the Council Dog Wardens, thin, nails overgrown and suffering from worms he took several weeks to nurse back to health before finding a forever home.

Happytails Dog Rescue are working tirelessly to save the lives of cats and dogs all across the UK, giving those in need second chances and happy forever homes

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