Tilly – absolutely the most adorable, pretty little thing you could ever meet – now needs to find her new forever home. Tilly is approximately 2-3 years old, and has the sweetest nature. She is a little in between short and long haired – medium fluffy really, so she’s not really high maintenance where brushing is concerned! She has lived with two boy cats for some of her life and gets on well in a group, although equally enjoys spending time alone and loves to explore the great outdoors. She would happily spend the day outside in the garden under a shady bush, watching the birds maybe, then come in for her tea and enjoy an evening cuddled up on the sofa! She is still quite playful and adores her toys sprinkled with some catnip! Tilly has already spent some time in the cattery and has settled in really well, but is now ready to move on. She is fully vaccinated, spayed, and all regular treatments are up to date. She has been used to a quieter home without children, where she could come and go as she pleased, so we are looking for a similar place, where the surrounding area is quiet and safe for her to explore.

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Dog Rescue Sheffield and Chesterfield

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Super home found for Coco!
You would think Coco had he lived her all her life she seems so happy and contented, bedtime was another story . She buried herself in bed and would not come from under the bed covers .
Thank you so much for letting me adopt her
Cheers Marjorie  


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Dog rescue sheffield and chesterfield
Dog rescue sheffield and chesterfield
Dog rescue sheffield and chesterfield

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